For more than 20 years we have been producing frozen fish food. As one of the few, we still process small insects and larvae collected from the natural habitat of your fish. Everything we sell, has been made at our production facilities in Schijndel in the Netherlands. We export our products with conditioned transport to almost every country in Europe and to a number of countries outside Europe. Our customers, and therefore your fish, come first and everyday we try to make the best food your fish can eat!

Where do we stand for?

High quality food is essential for healthy fish. We believe in feeding your fish the best food there is, from its own habitat. Frozen fish food is a high nutritional product full of natural vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and proteins. We buy the raw material from reliable suppliers and we clean it thoroughly, but we like the food to be as natural as possible. No chemicals are used during the process.

Clear Water Technology

Our Clearwater Technology means that we do not want to disturb the ecosystem in your aquarium, or as little as possible. We achieve this by purchasing selected premium raw materials, thorough cleaning, hygienic processing in our own controlled production environment and last but not least our own research and development department.

For any questions regarding our products, you can contact 3F Frozen Fish Food via phone or e-mail. T. +31 (0)73 5492307.

We are registered at the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority under the EU number 7476.
We select our raw materials on quality and this is the uncompromising standard for our actions. We try to collect the ingredients for the food as close to Holland as possible. The bloodworms and almost all the other little insects come from Europe. We have beautiful fresh red plankton from Norway. We are lucky to be so close to the sea, so we can buy the most fresh fish, mussels, clams and shrimps as possible.
Together with experts we are constantly developing new products. We also try to keep a constant quality, so we have our fish food checked in a laboratory at regular intervals. We think along with you if you have your own ideas and wishes for new products.