Mixture for discus fish 0-5 months. DiscusWorld Juvenile is especially developed for young discus fish.
Contains extra proteins and vitamins. Can be offered in combination with living brine shrimp (artemia nauplii) a few weeks after birth.

crude protein (min.) 10,6 %
crude fat (min.) 2,6 %
crude fibre (max.) 0,5 %
moisture (max.) 82,2 %
ash (max.) 0,4 %

Feeding advice
The young fish will first eat the skin secretion of the parents. After two weeks you can start with feeding living brine shrimp (artemia nauplii). As soon as they eat the brine shrimp you can start feeding Discus World Juvenile. Although the product is grinded in a fine structure, we advice you to rasp it till the 10th week after birth. Feed with a frequency of 1,5 hours approximately seven times a day. The fish should eat the food within 3-5 minutes. Be sure to remove all food which has not been eaten since it will effect the water quality and can influence the well-being of the fish. Check the values of the water frequently.

The following feeding pattern could be followed:

  • start in the morning with fine structured dry food
  • followed by two feeding rounds with DiscusWorld Juvenile as described above
  • then feed shrimp like food, for instance; brine shrimp, cyclops or daphnia
  • repeat the above pattern during the day. Last round in the evening ends with small crustaceans (i.e. brine shrimp, cyclops or daphnia) for a healthy digestion