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Small fresh water shrimps. Well suited for tropical and marine species. Because of its high nutrition often used for young or recovering fish.

Krill Pacifica

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Popular food for both fresh water and marine fish. High protein food and ideal for the larger fish.

Mussel Meat

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Well suited for fresh water and marine fish. Sold as whole mussels for the larger fish or grinded to mussel meat for the smaller ones.

Discus Basic mix

3F standard Discus mix. High protein beef heart and spinach are the basis of this mixture. Garlic is added to prevent worm diseases.

Discus Special mix

3F Discus Special mix contains both high protein beef heart as well as other natural products like krill, brine shrimp and mysis.

Artemia (Brine shrimp)

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Is suitable for both fresh water and marine fish. In order to insure good survival and growth artemia is found to be a critical food for many young fish.

DiscusWorld Juvenile

Mixture for discus fish 0-5 months. DiscusWorld Juvenile is especially developed for young discus fish.

DiscusWorld Energy

Mixture with extra proteins and vitamins for discus fish who need some extra energy:

DiscusWorld Basic

Perfect mix especially developed for full grown discus fish.

DiscusWorld Basic-Red

Same ingredients as DiscusWorld Basic only with carotene added.