Perfect mix especially developed for full grown discus fish. Ingredients like fish meat and shrimps make this food easy to digest. In combination with the other ingredients of this mixture it provides your fish a balanced nutrition.

crude protein (min.) 7,2 %
crude fat (min.) 0,7 %
crude fibre (max.) 0,5 %
moisture (max.) 87,7 %
ash (max.) 0,4 %

Feeding advice
Three to four feeding sessions a day will be sufficient for (almost) full grown discus fish.

  • feed twice with DiscusWorld Basic Food
  • followed by two feeding rounds with DiscusWorld Juvenile as described above
  • several times a week we advice you to end the day with small crustaceans (i.e. brine
    shrimp, Cyclops or daphnia). It will improve the digestion of your fish
In case your fish do get constipation you could try a diet with only the above mentioned shrimp like food for a whole week. The fish should eat the food within 3-5 minutes. Be sure to remove all food which has not been eaten since it will effect the water quality and can influence the well-being of your fish. Check the values of the water frequently.