Same ingredients as DiscusWorld Basic only with carotene added. This food will help to sustain or improve the colours of your fish.
Important do not feed more that three times a week and only to full grown fish.

crude protein (min.) 7,2 %
crude fat (min.) 0,7 %
crude fibre (max.) 0,5 %
moisture (max.) 87,7 %
ash (max.) 0,4 %

Feeding advice
Carotene is a supplementary element the fish normally gets by eating small red crustaceans like sweet water shrimps. It is an essential element if you want to sustain or improve the red colours of your discus fish. Please take notice that too much carotene can harm your fish. We therefore advice you to feed Basic-Red two or three times a week which will guarantee your fish will get enough supplements.
Do not feed this product to fish younger than 18 months. Too much colour improvement will influence the growth of your fish negatively.
The fish should eat the food within 3-5 minutes. Be sure to remove all food which has not been eaten since it will effect the water quality and can influence the well-being of your fish. Check the values of the water frequently.