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Blood Worms


Because almost every fresh water fish loves to eat this food it is one of the best sold products.

Glass Worms

Suitable for all tropical fish. Excellent nutrition and eagerly eaten by all fish.

Black Mosquito Larvae

Suitable for all tropical fish. Black Mosquito larvae are full of vitamins that appear to help trigger spawning in some species.



Natural food for many fresh water fish and therefore well eaten by most fish.



Because of its size (2-3 mm) Cyclops are well suited for small and young tropical fish.

Mussel Meat

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Well suited for fresh water and marine fish. Sold as whole mussels for the larger fish or grinded to mussel meat for the smaller ones.

Special mix

Mixture of blood worms, daphnia and artemia (brine shrimp) suitable for all tropical fish but not recommended for Discus and Cichlids.

Artemia (Brine shrimp)

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Is suitable for both fresh water and marine fish. In order to insure good survival and growth artemia is found to be a critical food for many young fish.

Tropical Quartet

Four different products, Brine Shrimps, Daphnia, Blood Worms, Glass Worms, all together in one packaging (4 x 5 food sticks or 6 x 4 blister cubes).